Keep Safe and Warm this Winter – Advice from a Brisbane Electrician

This advice on how to keep safe and warm this winter comes to you from Jason, a Brisbane electrician known for his friendly and knowledgeable help.

Keep Safe this Winter

If you use space heaters in winter, it is vitally important that they are regularly cleaned with all dust and debris removed.  Not only will the heater function better (and possibly save a few dollars as well), but it reduces the risk of fire. If you are buying a new heater this winter, please purchase one that is not only energy efficient but also has a safety feature, that if knocked over will automatically turn off.

Please check your electric blankets to make sure that there are no visible wires. Test the blankets first before using them. Always turn off electric blankets once you are in bed.

When using large electrical heaters, it is best not to use double adapters or power boards. Plug this high energy use appliance straight into a dedicated power outlet. It is also a good safety measure to unplug the space heater when not in use.

Make sure that you keep babies and toddlers (and pets) away from space heaters or fires in your home. If it is easier, put the heater in the playpen and let the kids have a greater area in which to play. However, make sure that the playpen is not too close to the heater, the last thing you want to do is burn the playpen.

If you are using large gas heaters, make sure that there is sufficient fresh air in the room at all times. Gas heaters cause a build up of carbon monoxide which can be deadly.

Clean the vents of your air conditioners so that they will perform optimally and also reduce any risk of fire.

Keep Warm this Winter

It is worth wearing a pullover or two inside the house – and socks and shoes, as this means that you won’t have to heat the house to the same degree, and this can save a great deal of electricity. A woollen hat is also very effective in keeping a person warm.

Woollen blankets at the foot of the bed are super handy for really chilly nights.

Heat only the rooms that you are using. There is no point in throwing money away heating areas of the house that are not being used – and this means you will be eco friendly too.

Did you know that 40% amount of heat is lost through uncovered windows in winter? Make sure you close all curtains and blinds at night. You can do this during the day as well.

Small gaps such as drafts coming in under doors should be fixed. A long sausage dog draft preventer (aka door snake) will do the trick for this. You can find them on eBay, and various other sites on the net.

Change the setting of your ceiling fans from summer to winter and put them on low when heating the room. This sounds strange, but in fact, the fans will gently blow down the hot air rather than let it all collect at the ceiling height. This means that overall the room will be warmer, even with a ceiling fan on.

Throw blankets on the sofa are a pleasant, easy and cheap way to keep warm, either with or without your partner, children and the dog!

Keep Safe and Warm this Winter

This advice on how to keep safe and warm this winter was provided by Globe Electrical Solutions, local Brisbane electricians.

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