We are Solar Electricians

Globe Electrical Solutions are expert local solar installers in Brisbane and will install the optimum solar panel system for your Brisbane home or business.  You can rely on a solar electrician such as Jason from Globe Electrical to ensure that your solar system will provide you with the maximum savings on your electricity bill. Who better than an electrician solar installer or solar electrician to assess your energy needs and savings?

Solar Accredited Installers

We are qualified certified electricians and Clean Energy Council solar accredited installers so with us, you can be confident that you have made the right choice when selecting us as your solar installers in Brisbane.

The team at Globe Electrical Solutions (led by owner and qualified electrician Jason Goodsell), have extensive knowledge and experience in selecting the right solar panels for your Brisbane home and guarantee the workmanship our solar installation.

Solar installation requires an upfront investment and it is essential that the solar panel system that is installed:-

  • Is specific to the requirements of your Brisbane home or business.
  • Provides an excellent return on investment.
  • Is durable and long lasting.
  • Is cost-effective and affordable.
  • Is installed correctly, securely, tested and optimal for your needs.
  • Has a long term warranty on both the solar system provided and for the solar panel installation cost.
  • Is a hybrid system that provides you with the flexibility to add solar batteries in the future.  This is also your decision to make, but is highly recommended if you are looking for long term energy savings.  With solar batteries still rather costly we can make sure that the solar panel installation that we do for you comprises solar panels that can be retrofitted for batteries (once the cost decreases) so that you can gain electricity savings now and even greater savings in the future.

Advantages of Solar Accredited Installers

As previously stated, the solar electricians at Globe Electrical Solutions are Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers in Brisbane.

Being Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers means:

1. We can competently design, supply and install grid connect solar installations, allowing you to start reducing your electricity bill immediately.

2. We stay up to date on industry best practices for all design and installation work.

3.  You are eligible to claim STC’s as part of the rebate system.

A Solar Panel System Just For You

At Globe Electrical, we have access to all major brands of solar equipment and solar panels and are able to design a solar panel system to suit your budget and energy needs using not only our expertise in solar but as electricians as well.

Globe Electrical will recommend reputable solar brands that have a proven track record and that can honour both their performance and manufacturers warranties.

Affordable Solar Installers

Globe Electrical is not a franchise or a large business with a large advertising budget and many property holdings. Therefore, we are able to keep our overheads down and we can then keep the rates down that we charge our customers.  We have also built some great relationships with solar panel manufacturers.  So with us, you will be getting excellent service from experienced and skilled solar installers, yet still at a very competitive rate.  If you are looking for solar installers in Brisbane, then Globe Electrical Solutions are the right business for you.

Contact Us

Contact accredited solar installer and experienced Brisbane electrician Jason Goodsell from Globe Electrical Solutions today (0433 209 393) to arrange for a fair and reasonable quote to install the perfect solar panel system for you that will best assist you by reducing your electricity bills.

Contact Globe Electrical Solutions for a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

With a pre-purchase electrical inspection, you can ensure that the property you are purchasing is safe and sound from any electrical faults or hazards.  You can also be rest assured that in terms of the property electrical system, you are making a sound investment in your purchase.

Contact Globe Electricians on 0433 209 393 and we will schedule a date and time to inspect the property that you are considering purchasing.

We’ll call you with honest, reliable advice to get your project completed on time and on budget.